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Pixel Clash User Module is the very much important portion of our system. In this Module User’s can Registrar and Login to their portal for uploading the image(s).

Workflow of User Module Shown in Figure 1.

Registration Module is divided two parts as follows:

a) Group Admin Registration Module.

b) Single User Registration Module.

Take a of the Registration Module

After registration complete, you have to sign in to the portal. After that, you can upload images to section. 

After login user panel is open. In this division, you can do two important works as follow:

a) Update your profile information.

b) Upload image(s) to section.

Some other features are:

a) Users can modify the image.

b) Also can change image title.

c) Offline Payment Module.

d) Ready to Run Online Payment Module (depends on Salon/Circuit Organiser).