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Pixel Clash Administrative Module is the important division of our software. In this Module organiser monitor all the user activity and Payment activity.

Workflow of Administrative Module Shown in Figure 1.

Administrative Module is divided two parts as follows:

a) User Management Module.

b) Automatic EDI System Module.

Take a of the Administrative Module

After login to admin panel, a statistical dashboard is opened where you find numbers of users registered, the number of images uploaded and how much amount receive.  

In User Management you see all the entrant list admin can modify their data if required. Also admin upload images of a particular entrant from user management portion. And last but not least is the admin verify the payment of entrant from this portion.

Another portion of the Administrative module is Automatic EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) System. From this portion, admin can easily send email to entrant.
Some options Automatic EDI System as follows:
a) Send mail to Registrar but yet to upload.
b) Send mail to Non-Paid Entrant.
c) Adress Confirmation Mail.
d) Digital Catalogue and Certificate of Acceptance Mail.