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We are the one stop shop if you are looking to organizing a Photography Competition, National OR International. 5 years of intensive research has led us to develop a pioneer solution, we have named it as “PIXEL-CLASH” which guarantees the best course of action for successful completion of the photography competition through its extensiveness, flexibility, and module rich abilities to adopt every possible change. It has ability to concur every possible issue before or during the LIVE competition.

PIXEL-CLASH is intelligent enough (Artificial Intelligence -AI) to monitor all the procedures and processes in action during the Photography competition, we have split the PIXEL-CLASH into two major modules :-

a) PCRM (Pixel Clash Registration Module)

b) PCJM (Pixel Clash Judgement Module)

to enhance its performance to such an extent that it can handle parallel processing. This bifurcation as an advantage has bought many new features all together that we have introduced in the latest version of PIXEL-CLASH 6.0, Now It can be pre-configured for scheduling the important dates like last date to register, last day for payment and more. It can handle multiple user registrations in no time with hassle-free environment, Due to its User-friendly interface having technical knowledge is NO-BAR, so everyone can register without having much knowledge of computers and internet.

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If your club or organization wants to organize digital or print photography competition PIXEL-CLASH is the perfect solution , you can manage pictures, keep an eye on contest running and scoring, assigning instant awards, viewing the pictures, and producing data reports. Hence MIGHTY PIXEL-CLASH is what you can trust upon. PIXEL-CLASH license is assigned to a specific camera club or organization. The program may be used by any member of the club for use within the club or organization only. The entire process of setting up and running a digital or print photo contest is fully automatize. The pictures are Submitted, managed, viewed, scored and awards are assigned in a single program. The results are saved and can be used to generate reports as desired. Through its ultra-lite coding even pictures with heavy pixels can be viewed and scored seamlessly together.

Other Attractive Features of PIXEL CLASH

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